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Udmurtian Republic

The Udmurtian Republic was established in 1920. Its area amounts to 42 thousand sq. km, its population — to 1.5 million. The republic is situated in the Moscow +1 time zone. The official languages are the Russian language and the Udmurt language.

The capital of the republic is the city of Izhevsk, situated 960 km away from Moscow. Udmurtia has a continental climate with a hot summer (the average temperature of July is +180) and a cold snowy winter (the average temperature of January is —150). The largest rivers are Kama and Vyatka. About 50% of the territory is covered with forests.

Izhevsk was founded in 1760, but it is believed that the city has one more birthday in 1807, when a weapons factory was founded there. Izhevsk is the hometown of Mikhail Kalashnikov, the designer having created the symbol of modern Russian weaponry. The buildings dating back to early 19th century has survived in the city, including the weapons factory building, the armory, residential buildings, wooden houses, and a chapel. In the museum named after Kuzebay Gerd, you can get familiar with a rich collection of ethnographic materials, artware, weapons, foundry castings, and also with the history of the Udmurt nationality.

You should also visit Votkinsk, where the memorial estate of P. I. Tchaikovskiy is located; old stone and wooden buildings have also survived in the town.

Those taking interest in Russian history should visit the Kuzebaevo village, where the family pagan preaching-house is located, the village of Kestym with a wooden mosque, and the village of Kamennoye Zadelye with a wooden church date early 19th century. If you are fond of history, you should also visit the Idnakar reserve museum. A medieval hill fort is located in the territory of the museum, attracting for centuries attention of archeologists and ethnographists. A permanent exhibition devoted to household life, trades, culture and art of the inhabitants of the hill fort is opened in the museum.

Numerous recreation facilities (Dzerzhinets, Zarya, Zolotoy Yakor, etc.) provide the opportunity for mountain skiing and snowboarding and for family rest as well. Speleological tours and rafting events are organized in the republic on a regular basis.

Each year in summer, the Rosa Mira (Rose of Peace) festival is held in Izhevsk with participation of creative teams from all over Russia.

For more detailed information on the Republic, please refer to Internet resources of governmental authorities of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

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