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Republic of Bashkortostan

The Republic of Bashkortostan was established in 1919. Its area is 142 thousand sq. km, its population — 4.6 million. The republic lies in the Moscow +2 time zone.

A major portion of the republic’s territory lies on the slopes of the Ural Mountains and in the Cis-Ural area. Over 40% of the territory is covered with forests.

The largest rivers are the Belaya River and its tributaries. There are 2,700 lakes in the republic, famous for their abundance in fish (about 50 species of fish inhabit them, including those entered into the Red Book). The capital of the republic is the city of Ufa, situated 1,170 km away from Moscow (in a straight line). The climate is continental, with the average temperature of January —180 and the average temperature of July +180.

A number of national parks are situated in the republic such as the Bashkiria park, the Shulgan-Tash reserve with the Ural-largest Kapova Cave having about three kilometers in length, the South Ural reserve, and the Bashkirsky reserve.

You can go to Bashkiria for hunting trophies such as ducks, hazel grouses, ermines, weasels, ferrets, wolves, and others.

Every opportunity for health tourism is available in the territory of Bashkiria. In the health resorts Assy, Yangan Tau, Karagay, Yumatovo mineral water of various kinds, therapeutic muds, kumiss (mare’s milk) treatment and honey treatment will be offered to you.

Numerous historical monuments have survived in Bashkiria. For example, in the town of Chishma you may visit the mausoleum of Khusainbek, one of the first missionaries of the Islam among the Bashkirs.

Several generations of tourists have developed numerous routes. For example, for those taking interest in historical mysteries and searches, the Dorogami Kochevnikov i Zolotoiskateley (On the Ways of Nomads and Gold Hunters) route is available, laid along forest roads and mountain passes. The route, 170 km long, is to be passed on mountain bikes. Tourists are accommodated in the village of Kaga, in 18th-century houses with stove heating, a Russian bath, and all the modern conveniences. If you prefer rafting on rivers, you may take interest in a water-and-land route to the Kuperlya carst bridge, which would take you 8 hours, with a walk along a mountain river and rafting on a motor boat.

At the end of August, the International Business — Summer 2009 Festival is to be held in the Bashkortostan. The main objective of the event is to attract young people to business. For this purpose, a ground is prepared for the youth to communicate with businessmen, scientific workers and politicians.

For more detailed information on the Republic, please refer to Internet resources of governmental authorities of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

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