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Perm Territory

The Perm Territory was established not long ago, in 2005. Its area is 160,000 sq. km, its population — about 3 million. The territory is situated in the Moscow +2 time zone. 71% of its territory is covered with forests. Both plains and mountainous relief are represented in the territory of the Territory.

The administrative centre of the Territory is the city of Perm, situated 1,140 km away from Moscow (in a straight line).

The border of the Territory is winding, and its length exceeds 2,200 km. The climate is moderately continental, with the average winter temperature —180. The largest rivers are the Kama and the Chusovaya.

Two reserves, the Visherskiy and the Basegi, are situated in the territory of the Territory.

The Visherskiy reserve has the area 241 thousand hectares, which is equal to 1.5% of the territory of the Perm Territory. 76% of its territory is covered with dark coniferous taiga-type forests. Such forests are considered the normal forests, that is, those having never undergone cuttings or other human impact. Populations of wild reindeer, sable, and other rare species are preserved in the territory of the reserve. In addition, the Visherskiy reserve is the last place of compact settlement of the Mansi people in Europe. Clear change of altitudinal belts may be observed in the mountains of the Vishera reserve. Those fond of speleology are attracted by the caves in those mountains such as the Lypyinskaya, the Sukhaya, the Visherskaya (with the length of tunnels amounting to 1,200 meters) and the Visherskaya-2 caves.

The Basegi reserve is situated on the Middle Ural ridge. The total area of the reserve is 62.5 square kilometers. Rare medicinal plants and outstandingly high and dense thicket of fern, Arctic raspberry and red bilberry may be found in its territory. The flora is represented by many species, of which the rodents are the most numerous, such as squirrels, mice, bank voles, and birch mice. A birch mouse is a very interesting animal that lapses into torpor in cold weather, with the temperature of its body falling down to 5 to 10 degrees, and its heart making only several beats per minute.

Environmentally conscious tourists may take part in an ecological journey, for example, to the Kammenniy Gorod (Town of Stone), a mountain of the Rudnyanskiy Spoy ridge, with one of the purposes consisting in rubbish removal.

Subject-related rafting events are held on the rivers, attracting not only those fond of rowing but also those who take interest in nature and history. For example, rafting on a capricious Vizhay River with its rifts and rapids is intended mostly for sport lovers. A more relaxing is the Otpusknoy (Leave) route, which includes rafting on easy sections of the river, a Russian bath on the shore, and excursus into the history of Bashkiria, or the Semeiniy (Family) route that may be passed with children over 5 years old.

Perm was founded in 1723. In the 19th century, the town gained the fame of a one with strong musical and theatrical teams; in 1878, a stone building of the opera theatre was erected, and the theatric direction in 1895. Original buildings started in 1720 by a merchant Tatishchev, who built there a copper factory, have survived within the city’s boundaries in the left bank of the Kama. Among the buildings having survived are that of people’s school, the cathedral of Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy Monastery, the rotunda-type church in the «new» cemetery, Kazanskaya church in a pseudo-Russian style with a majolica panel on the facades. An archeological monument of the Bronze Age — the Turbinskiy burial ground on the Shustova Mountain slope — is located within the city’s boundaries.

At the end of July, the KAMWA ethnofuturistic festival is held, in the course of which you may hear most strange performers, see fashion show from other planets, and attend master classes for playing exotic instruments.

For more detailed information on the Territory, please refer to Internet resources of governmental authorities of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

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