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Tyumen Region

The Tyumen Region was founded in 1944. It’s the third by area administrative formation in Russia: it occupies the territory of 1.4 million sq.km. The population of the Region is 3.3 million persons, 79% are urban residents. The Time Zone in the Region has 2 hours plus difference with Moscow.

The administrative center of the Region is the city of Tyumen, located 1.720 km from Moscow. 90% territory is attributed to the area of the Far North. The greatest rivers of the Region are the Ob and the Irtysh. More than 50% territory is covered with forests.

Due to extreme northern location, many districts of the Region are difficult to access. So notwithstanding virgin nature and good ecology, places of interest in the Region are very limited. One of them is the Ingalskaya Valley, an archeological district of about 1,500 sq. km. Over 300 archeological monuments such as settlements, ancient towns, burial mounts from various periods are gathered in this territory. These monuments comprise nearly one third of all archeological findings in the entire Region. In the Valley the secured ancient town Lizunovo remained unchanged: it is located on the top of an almost sheer cliff 45 meters high.

Another natural- historical monument of the Tyumen Region is the Abalaksky Natural-Historical Complex of more than 70 thousand ha. Its major place of sightseeing is the Abalaksky Monastery. The Tourism Complex «Monastery in Town» was arranged here. There is residential area for tourists on the bank of the river. The Complex attracts tourists throughout the year: in winter one can go in for Alpine skiing here, in warmer periods: ecological tourism and sightseeing are major activities.

The Tyumen Region offers many routes for pilgrim tourism: the Abalaksky Monastery with a wonder-working icon of the Abalakskaya Mother of God, the Troitsky Monastery, the Tyumen Cathedral, many churches in Tyumen and Ishim.

In Tyumen old constructions as well as a number of architecture monuments remained here and there: the Troitsky Monastery, the Znamensky Cathedral, the Spasskaya and Krestovozdvizhenskaya Churches, merchants’ mansions. If you wish to see the maximum number of places of interest during one visit, you should go to the right bank of the Tura River, where the Troitsky Monastery, the Yamskaya Sloboda, and other old-time buildings аre located. The main street of Tyumen is the Respublika Street which in old times was a part of the Siberian Route. Many old buildings — the Gostiny Dvor (a shopping arcade), the Alexandrovsky Real School, the merchant Ikonnikov’s House, the Znamensky Cathedral, built in the Siberian Baroque style — are located in this street. Much less wooden monuments are left in the city. These are mainly mansions between the Tura River and Dzerzhinsky Street, Respublika Street, Ordzhonikidze Street.

The main attraction for tourists in Tobolsk is the museum of Tobolsk North with its unique collection dedicated to the Northern Peoples. It reserves more than 226 thousand exhibit items, monuments of material and spiritual culture. Besides Tobolsk is famous for the fact that D.Mendeleev was born in this city. The memorial board is fixed at the wall of the Male Gymnasium in honor of Mendeleev.

The Festival of Married Couples «Together Forever» takes place in Tobolsk. Newly married couples as well as golden and silver jubilee wedding couples take part in it. Each family tells a story about their family traditions and shows their hobbies.

Fishing amateurs are welcomed at the Andreevskie Lakes. Since old times these lakes have been famous for much fish: during diggings many fishing tackles were found in the territory adjacent to the lakes.

The Region offers a lot of opportunities for health tourism: about twenty sanatoriums, the majority specialized in medicinal mud and mineral water, are located in the Region.

For more detailed information on the Region, please refer to Internet resources of governmental authorities of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

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