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Tomsk region

The Tomsk region was founded in 1944. At the moment its area is 316 square kilometers, population is 1 million people, 70% of which reside in cities. Difference in time with Moscow is +3 hours.

The administrative centre of the region is the city of Tomsk. Distance from Moscow to Tomsk is 2939 km.

Most of the territory of the region (63%) is occupied by impassable taiga and swamps (28%). The main river of the region is the Ob, the biggest lake is Mirnoe, with the mirror area of 18 sq. km.

The climate is sharp continental, with a long and cold winter and hot short summer. The climate and amount of precipitation are under the influence of the Atlantic ocean.

Of course, the richness of nature of the region could not but drive to creation of unique nature monuments, there are 145 of those in the region. One of such monuments is the Zavarzino Forest Dacha — a pine wood in the immediate surroundings of the village of Zavarzino, on the right and left banks of the river Bolshaya Ushaika, with the area of 38 hectares. There is a tourist route in the pine wood called «To the Great Ant-Hill». The best time to visit the place is from August till October. Many sights are waiting for you along the route: the «Brooklyn» bridge, historic settlement Zavarzino, spring, old quartz mine, and also famous two-meter high ant-hills. On the route there are an intensive course on environmental education, competitions on orienteering, rock climbing.

Another popular among tourists nature monument is the Kireev Yar, with many geologic outcroppings, which look very impressive.

One of the seven wonders of the region are the Vasyugan Swamps, one of the biggest in the world with the total area of about 53 thousand sq. km (it is bigger than the area of Switzerland), and also one of the oldest, with their age of 10 thousand years. Unique eco-systems are kept at the Swamps. On the territory of the Swamps there is the Vasyugan Reserve.

If you want to get more information about the forests of the region for a shorter period of time, you should go to the Tomsk Forest Museum founded in 1982. In the museum there is a rich exposition about the forest resources of the region, works on recovering of the forest, environment of the forest, saw cuts of trunks, examples of anomalous tree development, instruments used at forest works, decorative crafts made of wood.

Many of sights can be seen in Tomsk itself. Wooden houses of traditional architecture are kept there (Tatarskaya street, Krasnoarmeyskaya street and others), stone buildings (Epiphany Cathedral, Exchange, Governor’s Bridge). On the Krasnoarmeyskaya street pay your attention to the so-called «house with firebirds» with most beautiful carvings of architraves and bay windows, and to the «house with dragons», decorated by seven dragon heads.

Except traditional sights such as the Musium of Local Lore, Cathedrals (the most popular of them is the Tomsk Blessed Virgin and Alexiy Male Monastery), historic buildings, take a look at the monument by the entrance to the hotel «Tomsk», it is the monument to the slippers.

In summer, in June, there is a Tomsk Carnival which opens by a colourful parade, where brides, bikers, clowns, city schools’ and companies’ teams take part.

For more detailed information on the Region, please refer to Internet resources of governmental authorities of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

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