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Republic of Khakassia

The Republic of Khakassia was founded in 1992. Its area is 61.9 sq. km, population is 538 thousand people. Time difference with Moscow is +4 hours.

The administrative centre is the city of Abakan, distance to Moscow is 3.4 thousand km.

The biggest rivers of the region are the Yenisei, the Abakan, the Tom.

The climate is sharp continental, with the winter’s average temperature of —18 Centigrade, summer’s average temperature of +18 Centigrade.

7.6% of the republic’s area are occupied by especially protected natural territories. The biggest reserve of the Republic is the Khakas Reserve. It was founded in 1999, its area is 274 thousand hectares. The reserve is situated on the northern slope of the Western Sayans. The Flora belongs to forest, grassland and tundra ecosystems, some of the plants are included in the Red Book of Endangered Species: feather grass, Siberian adder’s-fern, oxytrope, Tatar storksbill and others. There are also rare animals in the Reserve: Altai moufflon, red dog, European beaver and snow leopard. Except nature sights in the reserve you can also see burial mounds (most of them are situated near the Itkul lake, there you can also see ancient irrigation systems), walls of the XVII-XVIII centuries, pisanitsas of the IV century BC, petroglyphic drawings.

In order to get a more or less full impression of the region you should take part in one of the tours which connect a few sights in one trip. The biggest tour is «The Golden Ring of Khakassia» which is operated in June-August from Abakan. The route is passing across five regions of Khakassia and includes walking and automobile parts. You will see many archaeology monuments and most beautiful nature objects such as the Landscape park «Dream Gardens», ethnic village Altyn Sus, mountain range Sunduki (Coffers) with remains of ancient tombs, Tuim Hole with the turquoise lake on the bottom, Chalpan mountain, and take part in the game «Treasure of Selenga».

One of the popular walking routes is «The Valley of Mountain Spirits», it starts from the 621-st km of the Abakan-Kyzyl tract, leads up the brook Tushkanchik and further to the Sayan Lake. The tour occurs in June-August.

Abakan was constructed in 1675 as the Abakan Prison, and the exiled started the foundation of the Minusinsk hollow. Until now there is no common opinion on the origin of the word «Abakan». One of the versions is that it means «the oldest khan», «the khan father». In the centre of Abakan there is a historic development with wooden houses. One of the main sights of Abakan are the caves, where spelaean tours are arranged. Among cultural sights we should mark the Khakas Republican Museum, well-known for its historic and archaeological exposition (copies of petroglyphic drawings, funeral masks, written monuments, habitacle), which is as rich as the Hermitage and Moscow Museum of the Peoples of the East collections. There is also an open air archaeological monument in the city — Hun town, built in the I-st century BC.

There are many opportunities for active rest lovers in the republic: itineraries are prepared for the lovers of tracking, combined tours and bike tours.

There are many mineral springs in Khakassia which give opportunities for health tourism. The most known mineral water deposits are Shirinskoe, Dikoozernoe, Khankul, Hot Abakan Spring.

For more detailed information on the Republic, please refer to Internet resources of governmental authorities of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

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