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Arkhangelsk Region

Arkhangelsk Region was founded in 1937 and has the area of 590 sq. km and 1 200 000 people population with 75% living in cities and towns. It is located in the Moscow time zone.

The Region includes Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

The administrative centre of the Region is Arkhangelsk, located in 995 km north of Moscow.

The climate of the region is considered to be transitional between the maritime and the continental and is characterized by long cold winters (average temperature —25C) and mildly hot summers with temperature average +16C.

The Region has a number of rivers, for example, Northern Dvina, Pechora, Onega, Mezen — all flowing into arctic seas.

Forests cover almost a half of the Region territory. The Region also includes archipelagoes the Novaya Zemlya and the Franz Josef Land and Victoria Island. They are arctic deserts.

The tourist trademark of the region is the Solovetsky archipelago with its historical and cultural complex comprising 200 historical attractions. Those are the outstanding Solovetsky Kremlin fortifications, temple complexes in Kargopol and Solvychegodsk, wooden architecture monuments, Neolithic sanctuaries, Saami burial grounds, dolmens, settlements of Chud tribes, as well as monuments of the Soviet history. Season changes on the Solovki occur with a two-three weeks lag from the mainland, thus creating an interesting nature phenomenon.

Special airplane tours could take you to the Solovetsky islands.

The capital of the region is Arkhangelsk, which is famous not merely for its sights, but also for festivals that the city hosts, such as «Sozvezdiye» (Constellation) Film Festival, «Spolohi» (Northern Lights) TV Film Festival, «Zhemchuzhina Severa» (Pearl of the North) Folk Festival, «Yevropeiskaya Vesna» (European Spring) Theater Festival, jazz festivals and many other events that attract the most talented ensembles from all over Russia.

Besides Arkhangelsk interesting festivals also take place across the whole Region territory, like Ice Sculpture winter festival in Kargopol and Humor Festival of Kozma Prutkov in Solvychegodsk.

Scientists, fishermen and simply keen naturalists are attracted to the region by the White Sea with its registered 460 species of algae, 1000 invertebrates species, 70 fish species, 6 marine animal species and 190 bird species found on the Solovetsky islands. Kiy island is regarded as a unique natural attraction being a part of a huge stone plate that protrudes over water. There is a rest home on the island. You are welcome to visit the Solovetsky islands and enjoy the White Sea on «Arkhangelsk» yacht cruise that takes 3 days.

Arkhangelsk Region also offers health tourism opportunities. Balneotherapeutic health resorts «Solonikha», «Belomorye», «Sosnovka» and other resorts can treat its visitors with spa-therapy based on mineral water and peloid.

The region offers hunting tours, some of which are rather unusual with snowmobile safari as one example.

Hunting tours are organized using infrastructure of Mezensky, Velsky, Primorsky, Krasnoborsky and Onezhsky Districts and Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

Arkhangelsk Region is very popular among fishermen where your trophy could be a pike, a bass, an ide and other fish species. The most generous catch you would get in Onezhsky branch of the «Vodlozersky» National Park, on the Monastyrskoe Lake and on Mezensky District rivers.

Summer and spring rivers are also perfect for paddling, and give extreme sports addicts some unforgettable feelings. If a calm river landscape is more to your liking you can take a river cruise on a unique paddle-boat «N.V. Gogol» built in 1911.

For more detailed information on the region, please refer to Internet resources of governmental authorities of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

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