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Sevastopol the city of federal importance

Sevastopol (Greek name until the XIII century — Chersonesus, Byzantine — Kherson, Old Slavonic — Korsun, Crimean Tatar — Aqyar) — is a federal city of the Russian Federation, located in the southwestern region of the Crimean Peninsula, in the Heracles peninsula on a coast of the Black Sea. The city has the Hero City title.

Sevastopol is a non-freezing commercial fishing sea port, industrial research and development recreational cultural and historical centre. Historical centre of Sevastopol is on the south side of the Bay of Sevastopol. There is the main naval base of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation in Sevastopol.

Administrative name «Sevastopol city» is used for designation of the whole territory that is under control of the City State Administration (therefore it is often used the term «city-region») and includes urban development, Inkerman city, Kacha town, 28 villages, 1 settlement and more than 30 settlements without the status of an inhabited locality (agrarian type or special settlements).

The subordinate to the City State Administration territory on west and south is restricted by the coastline of the Black Sea.

Extreme points of Sevastopol are: in the north — Lukull Cape, in the south — Nikolay Cape, in the west — Cape Khersones, in the east — Tez-Bair mountain on the Ai-Petri mountain pasture.

All three mountain chains of Crimean mountains are represented in Sevastopol, the southern chain by the Balaklava Highlands, the inner chain by the Mekenziev Mountains, and the outer chain by the Kara-Tau Upland (Black Mountain).

    Reserved territories of Sevastopol:
  • Baidarsky — scenic reserve of national significance.
  • Kazachya Bay — general zoological hydrological reserve of national significance.
  • Cape Aya — scenic reserve of national significance.
  • Cape Fiolent — scenic reserve of national significance.
  • Costal aquatic complex near the Cape Fiolent.
  • Costal aquatic complex near the Cape Lukull.
  • Coastal aquatic complex in Chersonesos Reserve — hydrological reserve of national significance.
  • Sarych-Laspinsky costal aquatic complex — hydrological natural monument.
  • Laspi Rocks — reserved natural boundary.
  • Ushakov Gully — local biological natural monument.

In Sevastopol are 49 km of beaches, more than 200 sanatorium-resort objects including 5 sanatorium-preventoriums, 10 rest pensions, 6 health-care resorts, 19 children's health-care camps and more than 80 recreation centers which receive more than 13,3 thsd. persons on vocation at a time. More than 100 thousand foreigners from more than 45 countries visit Sevastopol annually.

Yacht tourism
At present 7 yacht clubs function in Sevastopol. Sailing festivals, regattas and conferences including The All-Ukrainian Black Sea Rally-Regatta «Sitronics Intellect Cup», Black Sea Yacht Rally KAYRA, «sailing festival in Sevastopol» are held in Sevastopol.

Military tourism
Long military history conditions development of military tourism in the city. It is very popular in Sevastopol now to make military historical reconstructions (knightly tournaments, battles of The Crimean War, Festival «Banners of Glory»).

    Resorts and health-care organizations
  • Pension «Atlantus»
  • Pension «Emerald»
  • Recreation centre «Emerald-2»
  • Recreation centre «Dolphin»
  • Health-care resort «Albatross»
  • Tourist complex «Zvezdyy Bereg»
  • Tourist complex «Lubomorie»
  • Tourist complex named after A.V. Mokrousov
  • Sanatorium-preventorium «Stroitel»
  • Sanatorium-preventorium «Chimbolo»
  • Tourist complex «Sevastopol» (Radiogorka)
  • Pension «Sevastopol»(Area of Omega Bay)
    Children's health-care organizations
  • Children's health-care resorts «Laspi»
  • Children's camp «Albatross»
  • Children's camp «Atlantica»
  • Children's camp «Atlantus»
  • Children's camp «Gornyi»
  • Children's camp «Nakhimovets»
  • Children's camp «Omega»
  • Children's camp «Radost»
  • Children's camp «Chaika»
  • Sports and Health camp «Horizont»
  • Camp of Work and Rest «Priboy»
  • Cheremetieff brothers museum «Crimean war 1853-1856»;
  • Museum of Heroic Defense and Liberation of Sevastopol;
  • The Panorama Museum (The Heroic Defense of Sevastopol during the Crimean War);
  • Malakhov Kurgan;
  • The Storming of Sapun-gora of May 7, 1944, the Diorama Museum;
  • Museum of the underground forces of 1942—1944;
  • Sevastopol Art Museum named after the N.P.Kroshitskiy;
  • Museum Historical Memorial Complex «35th Coastal Battery»;
  • The Naval Museum «Michael's battery»;
  • Aquarium-Museum of the Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;
  • Tauric Chersonessos National Archeological Reserve.
  • The Black Sea Fleet of Russian Federation Museum
  • Sevastopol Museum of Local History
  • Naval museum complex «Balaklava», decommissioned underground submarine base
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