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Ivanovo Region

Ivanovo Region is an administrative unit in the European part of Russia, a subject of the Russian Federation, is included into the Central Federal District of the country. The area of Ivanovo region makes 23 900 km², the population amounts to 1073 thousand residents (as of January 2009).

The regional center is Ivanovo. The distance between Ivanovo and Moscow is 275 km.

The region shares borders with Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod, Kostroma and Yaroslavl regions.

Ivanovo’s climate is moderately continental featuring warm summers and moderately frosty winters with stable snow coverage. The coldest month of the year is January, its average monthly temperature is −11,5°C ÷ −12°C . The warmest month of the summer is July, its average monthly temperature is +17,5°C ÷ +18°C.

Ivanovo territories are rich in numerous historic and cultural sites. One of them is the estate which belonged to the graver of Sheremetyevs’ estate (1830-s, Ivanovo). This fairly interesting monument of civil architecture is performed in Classic style. Count Sheremetev received Ivanovo settlement 1743 as part of his wife’s dowry. In the end of 18 — early 19th century, Ivanovo estate was one of the count’s most profitable properties. The big house was the grave’s apartment and the office was placed in the side wing. At the site of Kruglikha Grove, the Count’s Gardens were set up. Up until the revolution of 1917, the Sheremetevs owned spacious land areas. Only in 1887, the town bought out its main square (today known as Revolution Square) with its trading facilities.

In Palekh, one of the main attractions is Zinoviev Museum open on December 5, 1984. Nikolai Zinoviev is an artist and a master of lacquer miniatures. All the exhibits in the house resemble of the artist’s family, its household activities and peasant lifestyle — the kitchen, the study and the terrace. Zinoviev was awarded the title of the Hero of the Socialist Labor and People’s Artist; he painted icons in various styles and participated in restoration of external frescoes of the Dormition Cathedral in the Moscow Kremlin and headed interior restoration in the lacquer study of Peter the Great in Petrodvorets, St.-Petersburg Region (1956-1957). He’s the author of numerous publications and books devoted to Palekh artistic school.

In Plyos, it is worth visiting the Museum of Medieval Family. It represents an estate in one of the local settlements of 1237 (before the Tatar invasion) restored using archaeological findings. It is a «living museum» where you plunge into the atmosphere of an old Russian province and literally touch the subjects of the medieval age (try the old-time professions of a miller, a potter and a weaver; put on an ancient costume and so forth).

Other museums of region are no less interesting, in particular the Ivanovo Natural History Museum, the Ivanovo Chintz Museum, the Kineshma Fine Arts and Historic Museum, the Tsvetaevs Museum in Novo-Talitsi.

Ivanovo Region is keen on aviation; aviation sport is rather developed and enjoys quality infrastructure — Yasyunikha Sports Aerodrome.

Ivanovo Region is the birthplace of Andrey Tarkovsky, a distinguished Russian film director. In order to promote the development of cinematic traditions of the great artist and philosopher, the Government of Ivanovo established the annual Zerkalo Film Festival, an international cinema festival named after Tarkovsky.

For more detailed information on the Region, please refer to Internet resources of governmental authorities of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

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