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Bryansk Region

Bryansk Region is a Russian administrative division located in Central Russia to the south-west of Moscow. The area shares its borders with Smolensk region in the north, Byelorussia’s Gomel and Mogilev regions in the west, Kaluga and Oryol regions in the east and Kursk, Chernigov and Sumy lands of Ukraine in the south.

As an administrative division, Bryansk Region is rather young. It was established on July 5, 1944 out of the western lands of Oryol territories. The region lies in the western part of the Russian Plain and occupies the middle part of the Desna basin and the woody water parting between the Desna and the Oka.

Bryansk area enjoys moderate continental climate. Annual average temperature in January is —7°- 9°C below zero, in July it normally reaches +18° — +20°C.

A major part of the region — about one fourth of the whole area, is covered by woods of various types: coniferous, mixed and broadleaf woods as well as forest grassland (steppe).

The region’s population is 1299.7 thousand people (as of 2009). The regional center is Bryansk. The town with population of 450 000 residents occupies a bigger territory than other towns with the same scale. The four districts of Bryansk (Sovetsky, Bezhitsky, Volodarsky and Fokinsky) are divided from each other by small rivers and ravines. The town stretches for over 20 km from east to west.

Bryansk Region may for a good reason be called a theatrical land. The symbol of dramatic art of this area is the Bryansk Regional Drama Theatre named after Alexei K. Tolstoy. In 2006, the theatre celebrated its 80th anniversary.

The second popular theatre in the region is the Bryansk Young Spectators’ Theatre situated in a picturesque neighborhood. One of its fronts overlooks green and quiet Gorky street and the other towers above Sudok ravine.

The Bryansk Puppet Theatre is in Volodarsky district — another quiet and picturesque place near a cozy playground. The theatre’s troop often gives performances in various municipal sites, at children’s parties and Christmas shows, so one may say that not a single local festival does without this theatre’s team.

A remarkable piece of architecture constructed by the 1000th anniversary of Bryansk is Druzhba Concert Hall situated on the bank of the Desna River. It hosts regional competitions and concerts as well as performances of celebrities arriving on tour. The building hosts the Bryansk State Philharmonicс Society comprising the Municipal Chamber Orchestra conducted by E. Ambartsumyan, the Bryansk Municipal Academic Choir headed by M. Bustillo. The town boasts a professional sound recording studio.

Historically, towns and settlements in Bryansk lands have always appeared in mostly picturesque places such as the area around the central street of Bryansk that is Lenin Street. Urban development territories are kind of cut by big green ravines called «sudki». Sudki green massif purifies air from dust and wastes; dams offer an impressive view on the other river bank, onto the woods spreading to the horizon. Today, Sudki has become a peculiar natural conservancy area.

Sudki’s unique image allows tying modern developments to ancient architecture, it breaks monotonousness of multi-storey blocks and brings the sense of airiness and perspective. While in the town center, one still feels expanse, there is no tightness to be felt between building walls. The above provides for favorable psychological climate facilitating health life of the town’s residents.

Just a step aside from busy streets, you find yourself at a forest edge. Natural environment relieves from stress and brings back vital energy.

Bryansk residents and guests find a true pleasure in walking along Alexei Tolstoy Park, at the same time being a museum of wooden sculpture in the very center of the town. The park is especially beautiful in autumn when trees are all draped in gold.

The biggest park in the region is called Solovji («Nightingales»). It is a true forest area on high steeps. According to Russian epics, it was the residence of Solovey — a legendary outlaw. Sure enough, a step aside the pavement, one finds himself in wayless virgin copse with mushrooms growing right beside the pavement.

Solovji is the best place for romantic walks, yet anyone will find a place for rest and leisure here. Children choose the attractions site; for young people, it’s the beach in summer and ski jumping facilities in winter. The highest place in Solovji is the Hill of Eternal Memory raised in commemoration of those who gave lives for peace and quietude of the native land. The hilltop offers the view on the whole Bryansk and even the nearest towns and settlements.

For more detailed information on the Region, please refer to Internet resources of governmental authorities of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

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