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Safonov Oleg Petrovich

Born in 1969 in Tselinograd (Kazakh SSR), graduated magna cum laude from the State Financial Academy (currently, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation) with a degree in finance and credit. Ph.D. in Economics.

Married, has three children.

Upon graduating, worked at several Russian banks (UNIKOMBANK, Eastern European Investment Bank, Soyuzaviakosmos and ORGRESBANK).

In 2003 — Head of the Financial Department at the Stock Market «Russian Trading System».

In 2004 — 2007 — President of the Stock Market «Russian Trading System».

In 2009 — 2010 — Deputy General Director for Economy and Finance at «UralVagonZavod» Scientific Industrial Corporation» PLC.

In 2010 — 2014 — Financial Director at «Center for Science-Intensive Technologies» OJSC.

Since May 2014 to the present — Acting Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism, Ministry of Culture of Russia.

Ph.D. in Economics.

Speaks English.

Married, has three children.

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