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EMITT, Istanbul, Turkey

30 January, 2014 — 02 February, 2014

The East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition or EMITT (Istanbul, Turkey) is one of the largest tourism exhibitions in Eurasia.

At the EMITT exhibition, attended by 58,920  tourism professionals and 72.080  visitors hailing from 67 countries for a total of 131.000 people, all of Turkey’s eminent travel agencies, tour operators, hotels, plus over 200 cities and hundreds of participants from 67 countries prepared for the 2013 season.

Given the importance of Russian-Turkish political and economic relations including tourism as well as increasing number of Turkish tourists visiting Russia, Russiatourism annually takes part in the exhibition since 2011 and organizes the united Russian stand.

Federal Agency for Tourism invites you to take part in the «EMITT» exhibition in 2014 that will be held in Istanbul from 30 January, 2014 to 2 February, 2014.

Additional information can be obtained from http://emittistanbul.com/en/

Contacts for issues of participation in the united Russian stand:

Smirnova Yekaterina — Deputy Head of Directorate of International Cooperation, phone/fax (495) 607-7365.

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