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Balttour, Riga, Latvia

07 February, 2014 — 09 February, 2014

The aim of the international travel trade fair «Balttour» is to encourage cooperation between representatives of the Russian tourism branch, the CIS countries and the Baltic States with the purpose of increasing tourism flow between countries and attracting tourists from neighboring regions.

Business Forum for tourism professionals of Baltic and other countries promotes the exchange of tourism services in the region providing an effective trading platform, offering discussions for tourism professionals and informal networking events.

Forum aims to promote collaboration among the tourism professionals of Baltic States and other countries to increase tourist exchange and attract tourists from neighboring regions.

Additional information can be obtained from http://www.balttour.lv/?link=20000000

Contacts for issues of participation in the united Russian stand:

Smirnova Yekaterina — Deputy Head of Directorate of International Cooperation, phone/fax (495) 607-7365.

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